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Agronomy Talk

NE Illinois, NW Indiana, SE Wisconsin - Chad Kalaher, CCA

Early Season Crop Evaluations

Published on Thursday, May 26, 2016

May is usually an optimum time to scout fields for early-season crop protection and management needs. Make sure to evaluate stands, weed control performance of pre-plant and pre-emerge herbicides, and the potential need for a timely post-emerge application. In corn, review post herbicide labels prior to application for any potential use restrictions with soil-applied insecticides. If a significant amount of rain has occurred since nitrogen (N) was applied, evaluating soil nitrate levels may help fine-tune your sidedress application rate. In addition, split applications of N have often provided significant gains in both yield and ROI. If corn is at the V4 to V7 growth stages, and a post herbicide application has not yet been made, a tissue test can help identify any “hidden” nutrient deficiencies that may need to be addressed. Scouting for anthracnose leaf blight from V4 to V7 in corn will also help determine the need for an early application of fungicide.In soybeans, evaluate stands and determine any need for replant. If an application of any crop protection product is necessary,don’t forget to rotate effective herbicide, fungicide and insecticide modes of action to maximize long-term use and product efficacy. Lastly, if you plan to seed a cover crop, alfalfa,wheat, or any other crop this fall, check rotation restrictions of herbicides you may have used this year.

Author: Chad Kalaher