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Agronomy Talk

NW Illinois - Craig Kilby, CCA

Indentify Yield-Limiting Issues Now Instead of Harvest

Published on Thursday, May 26, 2016

Greetings! May is generally the ideal time to assess corn plants at the V2 to V8 growth stages to provide the best opportunity for top yield. Diagnosing any issues that could limit yield are much easier to identify today than at harvest. Therefore, scout each field to score and record populations, plant health, roots, soil conditions, weed control, and the crop’s nutritional needs. Special attention should be given to weed escapes following herbicide applications. Resistant weed populations are best identified early to allow alternative means of control. Nutrition needs can be difficult to measure from simple observations. Two diagnostic measures I recommend would be soil nitrate testing analysis to determine additional nitrogen needs and plant tissue analysis. This test can uncover crop nutrient needs that can go undetected by soil testing or observational scouting.

Author: Craig Kilby