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Agronomy Talk

Central Iowa - Wade Kent, CCA

Early Season Scouting and Crop Management

Published on Thursday, May 26, 2016

Early season scouting and crop management are critical to maintaining and maximizing grain yield at the end of the season. It can help identify potential yield limiting factors and allow for corrective action to be taken. Weed management is another critical component. Regardless of your herbicide program, now is the time to begin scouting for early season weeds. Knowing your weed pressure can help evaluate herbicide performance and help to make the decision if and when (depending on your program) your post application should be applied. Early season weed pressure can have a greater impact on yield than a weed flush later in the season after your crop has canopied. This is also a good time to begin evaluating any potential nitrogen (N) needs for your corn crop. If you are in a split application system or think that your crop may require some additional N, now is the time to make those decisions. Applying your sidedress applications early (V4 to V6) can help ensure the plant has adequate levels of N available during critical growth stages. Diligent early season management will provide the foundation to maximize your yields at harvest.

Author: Wade Kent