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Agronomy Talk

S. Illinois - Sean Nettleton, CCA

Hitting a Home Run in 2016

Published on Thursday, April 14, 2016

Every year when April rolls around, I get excited about two things: baseball season and getting those planters rolling! Hi, I’m your new southern Illinois field agronomist, Sean Nettleton. For my first ever Agronomy Talk, I wanted to keep it simple and talk about what I think is the most important pass we make in the field - planting!

By now your plans are made, hybrids and varieties are selected, and you know what you intend to plant in each field. The one thing we will never be able to control is the weather. But if you stick to your plan, even when the weather throws you a curve ball, the placement plan you put together with your Beck’s dealer or seed advisor will put you in a position to hit a home run in 2016. The time it takes to clean one hybrid out of your planter in order to get the right product for the right field can pay huge dividends come harvest time. Unlike a baseball team, we only have one chance every year, so enjoy the opportunity and be safe out there!

Author: Sean Nettleton