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Agronomy Talk

NW Illinois - Craig Kilby, CCA

Planting Fundamentals

Published on Thursday, April 14, 2016

April is here and our minds become overwhelmed with everything happening on the farm. Let’s put all the excitement (or possibly anxiety) aside for a minute and focus on planting fundamentals as this will set the yield potential for the year. If you’re not certain that everything on your planter is ready, check out Jason Webster’s planter prep video on YouTube. It can be found here. Make sure to have a planting prescription prepared and follow it. Place your products according to your soils as recommended by your Beck’s dealer, seed advisor, or field agronomist.

On average, early planting pays off for both corn and soybeans. Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® testing shows that April 15 to April 30 yields the highest for both corn and soybeans. Planting depth is also important. Again, Beck’s PFR shows that planting deeper is often better because there is more uniform moisture and temperatures, providing more uniform emergence. Aim for 2 in. depths on corn and monitor each soil type to assure down force is adequate across the field. Use talc/graphite at the rate recommended for your planter. Apply a 2X to 3X rate on the initial planter fill to provide adequate lubrication from the start.

Finally — BE SAFE! Long work hours increase chances for accidents. Make sure to take breaks, stay hydrated, eat meals on schedule, and watch out for yourself and others around equipment.

Author: Craig Kilby