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Agronomy Talk

Missouri - David Hughes, CCA

Planning Hybrid Placement

Published on Thursday, April 14, 2016

Corn planting is underway for many farmers and we are implementing the field plans we have made since harvest. A critical component of our planning is hybrid placement. Putting the right product in the right field or sub-field area is important to maximizing performance. Efforts made by you, your dealer, seed advisor, and agronomist to position hybrids accurately for maximum yield only come to fruition if followed when the planter hits the field.

So get those plans out! If the planning was done on sticky notes and loose pieces of paper, take an evening to organize your plan into a field-by-field spreadsheet or maps with your precision farming software. If you have forgotten where some of the numbers should go, ask your seed advisor for help. Once organized into a spreadsheet or on maps, carry those with you in your truck or planting tractor for quick reference.

In early corn planting, pay close attention to product characteristics. With some products, you may need to plant earlier, adjust seeding rates, change field positioning, or avoid using certain herbicides or insecticides. The key is to follow your seed plan and get your local Beck’s team involved. It is our passion and job to help you get the highest return possible on your seed investment.

Author: David Hughes