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Agronomy Talk

NW Indiana, NE Illinois & SE Wisconsin - Chad Kalaher, CCA

Profitability on Every Acre

Published on Thursday, April 14, 2016

As the 2016 season gets underway, profitability on every single acre appears to be challenging. The best advice I would give farmers is to keep a positive attitude, focus on fundamental agronomic principles, and seek information from trusted advisors. In addition, use resources including your own on-farm experiences and Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® data to help maximize profitability and yield.

Selecting and planting Beck’s corn hybrids and soybean varieties that properly fit soil type and management practices is a great start. Also, following the recommended planting population for the seed product and acre can also help maximize production, yield and profit. Always seek to gain a better understanding of your soil fertility levels, including pH, CEC and micronutrients. Prioritize what needs to be addressed now and what may be able to wait until commodity prices improve. Don’t be afraid to question your nitrogen management practices to determine if they are the most efficient and are providing the best return on investment. Be intentional with every single pass across the field. Approach weed, insect, and disease control with vigilance. Don’t ignore threats that can significantly affect yield and profitability. It will always make sense to spend $15/A. to save $25/A. of yield.

Author: Chad Kalaher