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Agronomy Talk

S. Indiana - Steve Gauck, CCA

Planting Reminders

Published on Thursday, April 14, 2016

A new growing season is upon us! As you head to the fields with your planters this year make sure to double check everything. Take time that first day to look over the planter. Check depth, plant spacing, fertilizer rates, closing wheels, talc, and graphite. Mistakes made with the planter will haunt you all season. Don’t worry about how many acres you plant the first day, just get the planter set right! Many of you have seen our Practical Farm Research (PFR)® data on planting depth; we have seen an advantage to planting deeper. I encourage you to consider setting both the corn and soybean planters down a notch and use a tape measure instead of your knuckles. We all have different size fingers! Looking at our PFR data, we know that planting BOTH corn and soybeans early will return the best yields. As we look at April planting, watch the weather. If you see a window that allows corn or soybeans to be in the ground for two or three days with warm sunshine and warm soils, take advantage and plant a few acres!

Author: Steve Gauck