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Missouri - David Hughes, CCA

Time to Grow Winter Wheat in Missouri

Published on Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Throughout the month of August I had the privilege to work alongside Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® staff, conducting agronomy research tours at Beck’s Field Shows at both our Henderson, KY and Effingham, IL locations as well as Becknology™ Days in Atlanta, IN. Beck’s PFR program embodies the essence of Beck’s values (teamwork, integrity, innovation, adaptability, commitment, and passion) like no other agronomy program with which I have been associated. From the beginning, Beck’s founders have demonstrated a passion for observing and measuring the components of successful crop production from which they adapt and innovate to improve production systems. The PFR program is the natural evolution of this process, and its research data is now something we as Missouri farmers can access and deploy in our corn, soybean, and wheat production systems.

For example, it’s time to grow winter wheat in Missouri! Despite the challenges to wheat grain quality we have faced in the last couple of years, consider having wheat in rotation with corn and soybeans as a key component to sustainable production in Missouri. One out of every three years you get a winter cover crop that you can harvest. And when successfully managed, a wheat/double crop soybean system can be profitable. Planting a close-seeded grass species improves soil structure and tilth, organic matter, and breaks up weed, pest, disease cycles that decrease our corn and soybean yields. I invite you to look at Beck’s PFR Wheat Book at

Author: David Hughes