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S. Illinois - Jonathan Perkins, CCA

Pre-harvest Weed Observations

Published on Sunday, September 20, 2015

Wow, what a year 2015 has been! We have now gone from one extreme to the next in areas of southern Illinois. As we enter September and move into harvest, there are some things to take note of out in the field before/as the combine rolls. The biggest observation I have made from the truck is how many weeds are poking up out of fields. This season, some fields did not get timely post applications due to the weather, resulting in waterhemp and other glyphosate resistant weeds rearing their ugly heads.

The shining stars this year are the LibertyLink® soybean fields, in particular the fields that had timely pre-applications followed by timely post applications! If you have many escapes, you should consider a pre-harvest aid to manage those populations and keep weeds from reproducing and/or going through the combine. Remember, the combine can be our biggest weed seed spreader! Also, keep in mind the low spots in the field and how they looked early on, then compare that to what the yield shows. Management decisions about drainage can be evaluated in a year like this to improve those areas in the future. Best harvest wishes!