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Agronomy Talk

Missouri - David Hughes, CCA

Harvest Is A Key Time To Learn

Published on Thursday, August 20, 2015

Every year at this time I still feel that back-to-school excitement when I watch my children get ready to make the transition from the fun summer break back to more disciplined learning. As farmers, harvest is one of our key times to learn. Today’s technology enables us to gather valuable data at the same time we harvest the yield from a long season’s work. If you use a yield monitor, prepare for accurate yield data collection by going through your technology supplier’s preharvest maintenance checklist. Also, try developing a simple spreadsheet or table to analyze your fields’ average yields with respect to this year’s management systems.

Most likely you have multiple planting dates, varieties, herbicides, tillage, and nitrogen management scenarios for the 2015 season. What I like to do is take all of my fields’ mean yields and categorize them into average, above-average, and below-average yield for this season. Then, I review the fields that fall into each of those categories with respect to the varieties I selected and the management systems I used. The information gleaned from this simple exercise can help you when working with your Beck’s seed advisor and field agronomist to select the best germplasm, trait, and management practices for your operation.

Author: David Hughes