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Agronomy Talk

N. Indiana & Michigan - Denny Cobb, CPAG

Monitor And Protect Crop Potential

Published on Thursday, August 20, 2015

Early corn grain fill will be occurring during this period. Virtually all controllable production practices will have been completed with the exception of monitoring non-GMO corn for second generation European corn borer (ECB) infestations, and treating appropriately. This generation generally occurs mid-July to late-August in our area. Trapping adults proves to be the most accurate method of deciding to treat or not. Second generation ECB can be yield devastating. One borer per plant can reduce yield by 7 Bu./A. or more.

Soybeans will need favorable August weather for growth and development. Compromised root systems will need gentle and frequent rainfall events to properly fill pods and to add seed weight. Be mindful of bean leaf beetle presence. Late season soybean insecticide applications usually always give a good return on investment. Monitor and protect crop potential and hope Mother Nature is kind to the crops as they finish!

Author: Denny Cobb