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S. Illinois - Jonathan Perkins, CCA

Remain Positive Out There!

Published on Thursday, August 20, 2015

As excessive rainfall continues to fall in areas across the Midwest, questions are being asked about the impact on crops. Dependent on geography, some areas have been impacted worse than others, and flooding has been a major setback as well. By July 4, some parts of Illinois were yet to be planted and some acres will possibly be preventive planting. In years like this, it is easy to get discouraged. But try to remember that a positive outlook and attitude is a much better option.

So how do we maintain that in a year like this? I always try to look at how it could be worse. Remember the drought of 2012 that most of us experienced? That was the first time I ever saw corn fields mowed down, tilled under, and not able to produce corn. The last two years have brought on ample rainfall to the southern Illinois geography and we have witnessed some of the highest yields that I have ever seen in my lifetime. If there is one positive thing that stands out, we need rain to make grain! Even though it is a tough task, do your best to remain positive out there!