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Agronomy Talk

NW Indiana, NE Illinois, SE Wisconsin - Chad Kalaher, CCA

Concerns for Corn and Soybeans Heading Into Harvest

Published on Thursday, August 20, 2015

Record precipitation totals for June have caused concern for corn and soybeans heading into harvest. Many corn fields lost nitrogen and will have a limited ability to adequately fill kernels. Because of this, I expect many corn fields will have ears displaying aborted kernels. In addition, saturated soils may have pre-disposed corn plants to stalk rot infection. This will likely be a fall that will require careful checks of corn fields for timely harvest to avoid stalk lodging issues. The environmental conditions during June have also had a negative impact on optimum soybean growth and development. Lack of adequate nodulation in poorly-drained, saturated fields may lead to nitrogen deficiency in soybeans.

In addition, Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS), white mold, and brown stem rot could all be yield-limiting factors this year. Across the entire geography I cover, all crops are not experiencing the same level of stress. Fields with adequate drainage, additional nitrogen supply, and extra management for diseases and insects will likely be the highest yielders and profit makers for 2015. Don’t forget to attend Becknology™ Days or a Field Show during August to attend a riding tour of Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® trials.

Author: Chad Kalaher