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Agronomy Talk

S. Indiana - Steve Gauck, CCA

Evaluating Corn and Soybean Crops

Published on Thursday, August 20, 2015

What a year it has been. As we evaluate our crop in August, we have a great opportunity to take a hard look at yield potential and yield loss suffered this year. As you walk corn fields, pull ears and check for pollination problems. If you see some, think back to pollination time. Was it dry, wet, hot or cold? We lost a lot of nitrogen early. Are ears stunted? This could be a result of the early disease pressure we saw in corn. How well are your hybrids holding up? If certain hybrids have more pressure than others, talk to your seed advisor about fungicide next year. We also had insect feeding from armyworm and corn borer in July. Do you have damage? This may affect which fields get harvested first. Rains in August can make great soybeans.

 Make sure you are walking soybean fields looking for diseases and insects. Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) will be common this time of the year. If you see feeding on pods, an insecticide application may be necessary. Look at weed pressure, if you have a lot of escapes from your Roundup program, think about moving to a Liberty® program or using residuals. I hope to see all of you at Becknology™ Days!

Author: Steve Gauck