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S. Illinois - Jonathan Perkins, CCA

Protect from Yield Robbing Pests

Published on Monday, July 20, 2015

As a kid, I remember my dad and grandpa saying “knee high by the 4th of July” was a goal to shoot for with corn. These days, we have corn tasseling or very close to tasseling by then if Mother Nature allows us to get in the field early. So why bring this up? 


When corn begins to tassel, the plant has switched over to reproductive instead of vegetative growth. The yield potential that the plant has set is now relying on the weather, fertility, and protection from yield robbing pests until harvest. Be sure to scout fields for disease and insect pressure the help your corn finish strong! 


What about soybeans? I don’t recall a saying about them, but I do remember hearing that July rain will make a corn crop finish strong, and August is the month for soybeans. Help your soybeans by scouting fields for any yield robbing pests such as insects, diseases, or late season weed escapes. Keep in mind that once soybeans begin to flower, some herbicides are no longer on label for use, so be proactive and set the stage for soybean success!