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S. Illinois & Missouri - Jonathan Perkins, CCA

Post emergence herbicide programs

Published on Saturday, June 20, 2015

In the month of June, corn and soybeans are growing and wheat is nearing harvest. But what else might be growing? Weeds! Yes, those yield robbing pests that must be controlled to maximize yield potential. Hopefully your herbicide program is working flawlessly and you can concentrate on other important matters on your farm. If not, being proactive is a much better management strategy than being reactive. 


Weeds like waterhemp and Palmer amaranth can germinate from April/May through August/September (depending on your geography). As a result, we are seeing more weeds near harvest instead of clean fields like we had after the post pass was made. Expansion of glyphosate resistant weeds has brought on the use of combinations of herbicides with multiple sites of action chemistries to kill weeds. If a residual chemistry has not been part of your post emergence chemical programs, and you have not yet sprayed a post pass, I urge you to consider it. When making your post applications to corn and soybeans, adding a residual product to the tank can help to ensure you clean fields at the end of the season.