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Agronomy Talk

S. Illinois & Missouri - Jonathan Perkins, CCA

Corn and Soybean Crops are on their way to Maturity

Published on Thursday, August 07, 2014

With the majority of late season applications now complete, corn and soybean crops are on their way to maturity. Now is the time to evaluate what we did throughout the season. As crops advance, differences become more evident and we can see the visual effects of our efforts. While only the combine will tell if these efforts paid off, we can make observations and predict what might happen at harvest.

If you attend one of our annual Beck’s Field Shows, you can experience firsthand what we see at our Practical Farm Research (PFR)® locations! We share what we have observed throughout the season and show results from previous year’s studies. With agronomic studies like nitrogen management, fungicide applications, closing wheels combinations, high yield attempts, etc., we have a wide variety of information to offer!

In case the field shows don’t work into your summer schedule, the results of these studies will be published in our PFR Book later this fall. Or another option is to come join us at our Beck’s Winter Meetings to hear the highlights of these studies and more!