At Beck's, helping farmers succeed is what makes up the fabric of our culture, and it's our culture and our people that truly makes us different. Just like our customers, our family of employees and dealers love what they do. We now have over 600 full-time employees, all from different backgrounds and different parts of the country.

But whether they grew up on a farm, they still farm, or have no farming background at all, they have one thing in common. They are all Farmers At Heart.

At our core, we are farmers. So to us, Farmers At Heart stands for something special. It has soul. It has truth. And it represents our customers, our employees, and our dealers who strive each day to seek challenges, push boundaries and innovate in an industry that's ever-changing.

We're proud of our employees and dealers who embody the values and the lifestyle each and every day. And we're proud to serve a community of farmers who love what they do and who are proud to be...Farmers At Heart.