100% Replant Policy

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If there is a need to replant a field of Beck's corn, soybeans, wheat or elite alfalfa, as determined by a Beck's representative, Beck's will furnish the seed and royalties FREE.

We will attempt to provide the same product for replant as customer originally planted. Substitutions of some products may be necessary. Replant must be planted in the same crop year as originally planted.


We're Farmers too...

The CEO's of other companies are focused on delivering profits to Wall Street.  That means a lot of fast talk, suits and shiny shoes. Beck's is different. We continue to slip on the work boots, walk fields, and listen to farmers in order to ensure our customers receive the highest quality seed products possible.

Farmers At Heart™

As an independent, family-owned seed company, Beck's Hybrids is dedicated to providing farmers with complete access to the tools they need to be successful. Instead of purchasing from multiple seed companies, farmers can reduce their overall risk and increase profitability by accessing the best traits and genetics from Beck's.


As an independent, family-owned seed company, we’re dedicated to providing farmers with the choices they need to succeed. That means providing the right hybrids for the right field, regardless of the trait or source company. Not only do we continue building our own line of proprietary germplasm, but we cultivate unique relationships with elite suppliers, giving customers access to the most diverse genetic and trait offerings in the world. This competitive advantage offers peace of mind, knowing that you can get the diversity and trait protection you need from one company. At Beck’s, we happily put aside pride and competition to achieve one goal – provide our customers with the very best seed products.


Beck's Escalate® yield enhancement system is a proprietary mix of yield enhancing products that come standard on all Beck's seed. Offering insect protection, improved stands, seedling health and yield, this unique blend is sealed onto each seed using Beck's exclusive polymer.

Escalate is included in the price of Beck's seed and provides additional yield benefit compared to untreated seed.

        Escalate® treated corn
Soybeans + 6 Bu./A
Corn + 12 Bu./A
Wheat + 4-7 Bu./A

Beck's provides Poncho® 1250 and VOTiVO® standard in every bag of seed corn as a part of our Escalate seed treatment. While other companies will charge you an additional $25 to $40 per bag, Beck's is the only seed company providing Poncho® 1250 and VOTiVO®, plus additional biological seed treatments at no extra charge.


Poncho Votivo stats


Regional Advantage

Beck's cultivates deep relationships with most elite germplasm programs, giving us access to select the highest performing products available in the industry. By having the ability to choose the best genetics from all of these germplasm providers, we can deliver customers with the highest performing products.

Our intense multistage testing program allows us to select and develop products that deliver additional performance. Products that can out yield the competition in specific environments are identified with a regional advantage.

Beck's accomplishes this regional advantage through its replicated testing program and its Choice Trials. The replicated testing program is used to identify products in an early stage with commercial potential. Then Beck's utilizes its Choice Trials program, which is an on-farm testing program, to test pre-commercial products and identify specifically the best area of adaptation. With Beck's research team intensively characterizing the products at these sites, the highest performing products can be identified and offered to Beck's customers.

Click here to listen to Dr. Cavanaugh, director of research, explain how Beck's Hybrids regional testing program is different from competitors.