Beck's Virtual Field Show

Did you miss our 2021 Field Shows? Or are you looking for a refresher on that one (ok, all) of the fantastic presentations you heard when you were here?

Our 2021 Field Shows provided a fresh perspective on the fundamentals, and we wanted to make sure you got your hands on all the great data and info as you start planning for next season! With a focus on multi-year, PFR Proven™ data, we're confident you'll gain the information you need to increase your farm's profitability - all from the comfort of your own home. 


  • Putting $100/A Back in Your Pocket – Jim Schwartz, Director of Research, Agronomy & PFR
    • Commodity prices are higher than they’ve been in years. In this session, you’ll walk away with simple strategies from our multi-year, PFR Proven™ data that could put $100/A. back in your pocket. With a promising risk/reward ratio, now’s your chance to get out of your comfort zone and try something new to increase your operation’s revenue stream.


  • President's Message – Sonny Beck, CEO and Corey Beck, Licensing Lead 
    • Beck’s continues to adapt and grow as the seed industry changes. Sonny and Corey Beck share their insight into the industry as a whole, what is new at Beck’s, and plans for the future of the company.


  • Everything Planters – Jason Gahimer, PFR Manager
    • Your yield potential is the highest when the seed’s in the bag. Don’t let that first pass decrease your profit potential. Join us to discover the latest planter technologies and attachments and what might work best for your operation.


  • A Fresh Look at Planting Depth – Nate Firle, Regional Agronomy Manager
    • Planting depth carries more factors than just the notch on the planter. Often times, we make a planting depth decision off of emotion. This talk will help you build a fact-driven planting depth strategy by exploring the factors to consider, even after the planter pass.


  • Maximizing the Minimum – Jon Skinner, Regional Agronomy Manager
    • Every operation has acres that don’t produce up to their expectations. This session will explore the agronomic products and practices that can improve plant health and nutrient availability and increase yields - even on low-productivity acres.


  • Soil Tests – What Are We Missing? – Steve Gauck, Regional Agronomy Manager
    • Over time, soil test levels continue to change. Are you paying attention to what’s limiting your yield potential? In this session, you’ll learn how to use soil tests and PFR Proven products and practices to unlock yield potential in your fields.