Beck's Virtual Field Show

Did you miss our 2022 Field Shows? Or are you looking for a refresher on that one (ok, all) of the fantastic presentations you heard when you were here?

During Beck's 2022 Virtual Field Show, you'll discover opportunities on how to take the resources (like profits from higher yields or savings from fewer inputs) you gain from implementing those strategies and invest them back into your operation to maximize your return on investment for years to come.

Virtual Agenda:

  • Three Things to Consider | Jim Schwartz, Director of Research, Agronomy, and PFR, and Jason Gahimer, PFR Manager
  • Your Questions, Answered. | Beck's Agronomist Team
  • Yield Components of Corn | Jon Skinner | Regional Agronomy Manager
  • A Focus on Foliar Feeding | Steve Gauck | Regional Agronomy Manager
  • President's Message & Conversations With the Beck Family