The 2020 growing season has the potential to be the most complicated one yet as many new herbicide traits and technologies have become available. Join Beck’s at our first-ever Herbicide Insight Days this June to learn how to increase your ROI and battle the ever-growing list of herbicide-resistant weeds with less risk. 

The Herbicide Insight Days will include hands-on field sessions, rain or shine, and seven breakout sessions listed below with the topic experts. Lunch will be provided. Beck’s Herbicide Insight Days will be held at our Effingham, IL, location (2100 Bourgeois Dr.) on June 25 and 26 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. All breakout sessions will be held each day, and CCA credits are available.

Field Session 1 - Alex Long, Agronomist: Proper Nozzle and Surfactant Selection for Use in LibertyLink® GT27™ Soybeans

It’s time to get technical. Sit in on this session to learn about the use of surfactants in Beck’s Freedom PlusTM soybean series as well as LibertyLink® soybeans, and how to select the proper spray nozzles (glufosinate and glyphosate nozzle selection).


Field Session 2 - Jonathan Perkins, PFR Agronomist: The Importance of Group 15 Herbicides in Your Soybean Herbicide Program

Do you have questions about Group 15 herbicides? You won’t want to miss this talk. We will discuss soybean injury to various corn pre-emerge herbicides and the importance of Group 15 herbicides in a soybean herbicide program.


Field Session 3 - Luke Schulte, Field Agronomist: Effective Use of Group 5 and Group 14 Herbicides in Soybeans

Every soybean variety will respond differently to your herbicide program. We studied 14 different varieties and their response to metribuzin and PPO herbicides. Join this session to find out the results.


Field Session 4 - Sean Nettleton, Field Agronomist: Time of Day Influence on Herbicide Performance

There are many factors that can influence the success of your herbicide applications, including environmental factors. Hear from the experts on time of day response with glyphosate, glufosinate, and glufosinate and glyphosate tank mixtures. The session will also provide insight into potential tank mix additives in the LLGT27 herbicide system.


Field Session 5 - Joe Bolte, Herbicide Specialist: Tank Mixtures of Today and Tomorrow

If you think there are a lot of tank mixture options now, just wait. In this session, we will dive into tank mix options for the Enlist™ system and Enlist as a system approach in today’s environment and in the future.


Field Session 6 - Austin Scott, Field Agronomist: The Importance of Herbicide Rotation and the Use of Multiple SOAs in Tank Mixtures

Sometimes you have to mix it up to be successful. Get insight on herbicide rotations and the use of multiple SOAs in this session. We will also provide information on tank-mix options for the Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® system and the Xtend system approach. We’ll also review our Pre-Emerge PFR study in this session.


Indoor Session 7 - Craig Kilby, Field Agronomist: The Value of Pre-Emerge Herbicide Programs in Resistance Management

As weed species continue to become resistant to an ever-increasing list of herbicide families, learn how a pre-emerge herbicide program is an important tool in the constant battle against weeds.



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