Customer Testimonials



Dan Schmidt - Ohio Farmer

“There’s so many different options with Beck’s, so it allows us to differentiate our crops, our varieties, our hybrids, everything we put into those fields. And we feel like it gives us an advantage in allowing us to produce the best crop that we can.”

Scott Wallis - Indiana Farmer 

“They have access to every trait in the seed business. They’re a seed company, not a trait company. I like that. I like that we have the ability in beans to do non-GMO, Roundup, Liberty, or Xtend. You got all the choices, you can do whatever you like."

A Family-Owned Company


Mark Petzoldt - Missouri Farmer 

“I feel that being a Beck’s customer, I am treated like an extended family member. You’re not just a customer with a customer number. I feel that they care about my farm and my business and my family as well.”

Marty Marr - Illinois Farmer 

“I love the family aspect of Beck’s. They really seem to be very inclusive with their family and their customers that they operate with. And of course their employees, they really seem to keep everyone engaged and involved and make them feel part of the family.”

Escalate – A Seed Treatment for Success


Nancy Kavazanjian - Wisconsin Farmer 

“Now you hear a lot of horror stories about inconsistently treated seed and what it looks like and how it performs in your corn planter. So again, crunch time, we need a seed and a seed treatment that’s going to perform for us. And anything that makes it easier for us to get that high quality product is important to us. So to see seed treated with Escalate so consistent, and so easy to use, is very important.”

Mike Wurmnest - Illinois Farmer 

“The seed treatment Escalate, I like that that is applied to the seed at the plant. You just look at the seed you can see it’s good coverage. I think that’s probably better than treating on every dealer’s farms like some of the other companies do.”

Helping Farmers Succeed


Josh Hennings - Iowa Farmer

“They will do anything in their power to help you to become a better producer. It kind of comes back to faith, family, farming. And when you find a seed company where those are their beliefs, to find a seed company like that is next to impossible anymore these days. They’re a great company to work for and anybody that I’ve met in the entire industry in the Beck’s family is amazing.”

Dan Schmidt - Ohio Farmer

“Those guys take the time out of their day and come spend and hour or two with us and say ‘hey these are the best products; these are the new products I think you should try. Let’s try it on this field or this soil type.’ It’s great to be able to know that every year those guys are coming to sit down and tell us ‘this is what we think you should use. This is what we think you should try.”

Farmer-Focused Research (PFR)


Paul Durkop - Iowa Farmer

"I like the value added part of PFR. There's so much research in there. That book is like a bible. You leave it by your chair at night, you can grab it and thumb through it. It's awesome. I have looked at other companies research but it doesn't hold a candle to Beck's. They're just way ahead of the ballgame I think." 

Jim Cauley - Wisconsin Farmer

"It's hard for us to run that many different trials on our home farm. And it's nice that there's a company out trying different products to see if they're affordable and if there is actually an economic return." 

Out-Yielding the Industry - Product Performance 


Jason Kieser - Illinois Farmer

"It pays to raise high yielding beans and Beck's has sifted their way to the top over the last two years, it's been impressive to me."

Mike Schulte - Ohio Farmer

"What we noticed probably more than anything is there was no yield drag at all. In fact we had a yield increase. But our biggest issue is stalk strength, in the past we've had issues with corn going down in the fall, and we don't see that with Beck's. It stands perfect every time."