The source of Beck’s success has always been a personal commitment to the success of each farmer it serves. This commitment began with Francis Beck’s 100% Free Replant Policy. 

Shortly after establishing Beck’s Superior Hybrids in 1937, Sonny’s father Francis got word of a seed customer achieving unsatisfactory results, so he took quick action. He went to the farmer’s field to investigate and quickly realized the cause of the problem was improper planter setup. 

Francis could have pointed out the error and asked if the customer would like to buy more seed. But, that didn’t strike him as the right thing to do. Instead, he followed his instinct about customer service. He showed the farmer how to adjust his planter correctly, and then he offered to replace all of the customer’s Beck’s seed corn for free. This action began Beck’s 100% Free Replant Policy that the company still holds true to today. If there is a need to replant a stand of corn or soybeans, as determined by a Beck’s representative, we will furnish the seed and royalties free of charge. 

At Beck’s, we aren’t selling you a bag of seed. We’re selling you a stand of corn. Our top priority is to help farmers succeed by offering quality products with a quality way of treating customers.