Beck's Hybrids Soybean Seed Products


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Brand Maturity Special Characteristics Soil Type  
229NR™* 2.3 Tall Early RR Soybean HP-LP View Product »
238L4 2.3 High Flying Early Group II Performer HP-MP, M View Product »
241NR™* 2.4 Mid Group II Yield Leader HP-LP, M View Product »
265NL 2.6 Dominant Yielding Early LL Soybean MP-LP View Product »
278R4™* 2.7 Top Yielding Performer HP-LP, M View Product »
294NR™* 2.9 Yield Performance with Defense HP-LP View Product »
295 2.9 Late Group II Conventional Performer HP-LP View Product »
298L4 2.9 Awesome Top End Yield HP-MP, M View Product »
312R4™* 3.1 Versatile Early Group III Bean HP-LP View Product »
313NL 3.1 Top End Yielder with Agronomics HP-LP, M View Product »
319N 3.1 Tall Soybean with Excellent Standability HP-LP View Product »
327 3.2 Versatile Food Grade Bean HP-LP View Product »
331N 3.3 Tremendous Yielder HP-LP View Product »
335NR™* 3.3 Tremendous Yield Leader HP-LP, M View Product »
337L4 3.3 Versatile Early Group III Yielder HP-LP, M View Product »
354L4 3.5 Liberty Link and STS® Performer HP-LP, M View Product »
358R4™* 3.5 Stress Leader with Top End Yield HP-LP, M View Product »
366L4 3.6 Incredible In All Yield Environments HP-LP, M View Product »
368NR™* 3.6 Dominant Yielder Across Environments HP-LP View Product »
372NL 3.7 Top Performing LL Soybean MP-LP View Product »
375NR™* 3.7 Plot Topping RR Soybean HP-LP View Product »
386NL 3.8 Late Group III LL Performer HP-MP View Product »
389N 3.8 Plot Topping Conventional Soybean HP-LP View Product »
391R4™* 3.9 Top Yields with Excellent Standability HP-LP, M View Product »
394L4 3.9 Ultra Strong Top End Performance HP-LP, M View Product »
414N 4.1 Rugged Conventional Soybean MP-LP View Product »
418NR™* 4.1 Early Group IV Performance Leader HP-LP, M View Product »
423NL 4.2 Versatile Yieldy Group IV LL Soybean HP-LP View Product »
425R4™* 4.2 Roundup/STS® Stack for the South MP-LP View Product »
431N 4.3 Tremendous Yielder for HP to MP Soils HP-MP, M View Product »
444NR™* 4.4 Mid Group IV Performer HP-LP View Product »
457R4™* 4.5 Strong Double Crop Performer MP-LP View Product »
459L4 4.5 Stress Tolerant Mid Group IV MP-LP View Product »
475L4 4.7 Double Crop Specialist MP-LP View Product »
477NR™* 4.7 High Yielding Pedigree HP-LP View Product »
483NL 4.8 Top Yielding Full Season LL Soybean HP-LP View Product »
495NR™* 4.9 Tremendous Late Group IV MP-LP View Product »
511R4™* 5.1 Ultra High Yielding Early Group V HP-LP, M View Product »
522L4 5.2 Tremendous Top End Group V Bean HP-LP, M View Product »

*XL® brand seed is distributed by Beck’s Superior Hybrids, Inc. *XL® is a trademark of Pioneer Hi-Bred.
** These products are in the Phoenix Brand which is a trademark of Syngenta.