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Atlanta, Indiana - Beck’s is pleased to announce the winner of their 2020 Freedom International Sweepstakes is Jim and Ann Stammen of Fort Recovery, Ohio. They received the keys to a 2019 Polaris General and Load Trail Trailer on October 26, 2020.


Atlanta, Indiana – During the 2019 World Forage Analysis Superbowl at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisc., Beck’s CavalryDQ Alfalfa earned second-place honors in the dairy hay category and fifth place in the commercial hay category.


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LaSalle County Illinois Farmer Breaks 300 Bushel Corn Attempt

November 12, 2008

Brian McCloskey, a local farmer in LaSalle County Illinois near Marseilles, IL, recently broke the 300 bushel per acre mark with Beck's 6733HXR™* for the first time in a plot he refers to as his "super plot." McCloskey explains that "the theory behind the super plot is to test the genetic potential of today's leading corn hybrids."

Brian pushes populations and fertility levels in his plot to develop a plan for changes he may need to make on the rest of his corn acres for the coming years. "I want to be on the cutting edge when it comes to achieving top end yields. I design my plots to be the concept proving ground for my farming operation. The top yield in my test plots tell me where I expect my full field yields to be in three to five years," said McCloskey.

This year the "super plot" tested 34 hybrids with an average yield of 262.1 bushels per acre and Beck's 6733HXR™* topped the plot at 312.3 bushels per acre. Several factors contributed to achieving the 300 bushel mark. The early growing season allowed for great stand establishment. Fortunately, the lack of extreme midseason heat during most of the pollination period allowed for an excellent ear set. Brian also applied a fungicide to control late season diseases. Good late season rains and sunshine resulted in terrific kernel depth.

All of these weather related factors helped, but as Brian explains, the key is genetics. "Genetics are improving incredibly fast. There are more new products in this plot every year. Products like Beck 6733HXR™* have raised the genetic yield potential of corn. I believe in keeping it simple by controlling residue, feeding plants plenty of nutrients, and intensively scouting my fields. I have to rely on the seed industry to continue to bring more top end yield potential."

The 300 bushel mark is an incredible accomplishment in any field situation right now. It was just two years ago in this same "super plot" that the top yield was a record 256 bushels per acre and now we have field averages in that same area. Can we expect to have 300 bushel field averages in the next two to three years?

Brian McCloskey and his wife Brenda are raising two children near Marseilles, IL. They operate a row crop farm raising approximately 1,000 acres of corn and soybeans. Brian is going into his 4th year as a Beck's Hybrids seed dealer.

Beck's Hybrids is a family-owned and operated seed company that serves farmers throughout Indiana, Illinois, and select counties in Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky. According to a recent media survey, Beck's ranks as the sixth largest seed company in the United States and the only one in the top six that is family-owned, making Beck's the largest retail family-owned seed company in the U.S.

TM* - XL brand is distributed by Beck's Superior Hybrids.