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Family and Farming

Christmas Memories and Family Meals

Well it’s that time. The time between Christmas and New Year’s where I’m back at work, but still thinking about the wonderful times spent with family, afternoon naps I was able to squeeze in, and all the great food I ate last week for Christmas. And just maybe regretting having that extra piece of cake… (In my defense, it was my birthday cake, AND it was the last piece, I couldn’t let it go to waste…right?)

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Why I Farm: Behind the Movement

Christmas on the Farm

As a little girl, Christmas mornings didn’t consist of pink clothes, Barbie dolls, and makeup. There were toy tractors, model horses, plastic hay bales, barns, and even fences. I mean, you can’t have a horse barn without fencing, right? But I didn’t just ask Santa for farm toys; I asked for real animals.

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