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Family and Farming

From Glendia's Kitchen - Cooked Salad Dressing

This past weekend, we celebrated our country’s freedom and the honorable people that help protect it. It was great to see so many community festivals and posts online honoring our freedoms and being thankful for what we have as a country. To me, celebrations (no matter what the occasion) should always contain three important things: the reason you’re celebrating, those you love around you, and great food.

Continue reading to hear more about my 4th of July weekend and the good food from this week's blog, Glendia's Cooked Salad Dressing!

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Family and Farming

Christmas Memories and Family Meals

Well it’s that time. The time between Christmas and New Year’s where I’m back at work, but still thinking about the wonderful times spent with family, afternoon naps I was able to squeeze in, and all the great food I ate last week for Christmas. And just maybe regretting having that extra piece of cake… (In my defense, it was my birthday cake, AND it was the last piece, I couldn’t let it go to waste…right?)

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Family and Farming

The Whole World Needs A Kitchen

When you come from a farm family of 12 aunts and uncles and 30 first cousins (that’s just my Dad’s side), there are bound to be a lot of family gatherings. Whether it was Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter or even just a Sunday after church, some of my earliest memories revolve around the kitchen on my grandma and grandpa’s dairy farm. It was there that I learned to play euchre, scrabble (my grandma was a pro), and how to make some of my all-time favorite foods.


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