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PFR Report: In-Season Nitrogen Management

Author: Jim Schwartz

With prominent wet conditions this past fall and spring, switching to more in-season nitrogen management programs is a task many farmers are faced with this year. So what options are available for in-season nitrogen application? Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® team has past data on yield-gaining nitrogen management programs. One new product we are testing this year is PinnitMax™, a nitrogen stabilizer product.

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PFR Report

Early N Results in Corn

Author: Alex Knight

After a season of what felt like never ending rain, one question on everyone’s mind is, how much nitrogen (N) was lost? Will the economic optimum nitrogen rates (EONR) be higher this year? Will late season N pay more in 2017? How much did genetics play a role in our N response? We hope to address all of these questions with the data gleaned from our PFR studies.

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Nitrogen Management for Wheat

February is a very busy month for most farmers. For those of us growing wheat, it is the time to start scouting and planning applications of our first round of nitrogen (N) to this year’s crop. The teams at the many of Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® sites, including Kentucky, are conducting a number of N studies this year including rates, timing, and forms. 

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