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CropTalk: The Power in Pollination

June 2021

A key factor in yield is pollination success. Across the Cornbelt, field corn enters the critical period of pollination from late June through the end of July. A corn plant is monoecious, which means it contains both male and female flowers on the same plant. The female flower is called the ear and contains the ovules and silks. The male flower is called the tassel and sheds pollen. Many understand the female flower and its importance in yield, but let’s dive deeper into the male flower.

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CropTalk: Assessing Corn Pollination: What Can We Learn?

July 2020

Author: Alex Long

We are quickly approaching the time when corn tassels will be emerging and the fruit of our labor will be apparent. In this case, the fruit will be freshly pollinated ears of corn. The appearance of post-pollination ears can tell us a lot about how successful pollination was. There’s more to it than just an ear full of yellow kernels. We can use some of these visual clues to diagnose a problem that may have occurred during a crucial time in the corn plant’s life cycle.

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