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Outdoors with Mike Roux

Shooting Gobblers: Why We Miss

Author: Mike Roux

I have guided turkey hunters in five states. I have hunted gobblers in several more. In these hunts, I have seen just about every mistake that you could imagine. The one error that stands out most in my mind are the times that I have seen or heard about a hunter missing a gobbler with a shotgun.

There are many logical reasons that could cause us to miss these springtime targets. There are also many reasons that defy all the principles of hunting as we know it. Some of them may sound absurd, but they have cost many hunters many trophies.

I have always known that gobblers are tough birds and are very hard to bring down. However, the topic of today's discussion is not about keeping a big tom on the ground. The problem we are covering now is completely missing the shot.

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Outdoors with Mike Roux

Bob Cowman - Turkey Hunter

Author: Mike Roux

I met Bob Cowman about nine years ago. I don’t remember exactly. Time was irrelevant as we became lifelong friends. Not only am I proud to say that Bob Cowman is my friend, but I am also honored to say that he is my Pastor, as well.

When Bob took over as the shepherd of the Columbus Road Baptist Church flock, I discovered that he liked to hunt and fish, but had not really had a lot of opportunity around his previous home in Ohio. I invited him on that first trip and we have been sharing days in the woods and on the water ever since.

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