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Life of a Traveling Elf on the Shelf

And I thought the amount of miles that I have to drive is bad! Did you know that Frisbee the elf has to fly to the North Pole every night to tell Santa if the kids have been good or bad? Whew!!

If you aren’t aware of how Elf on the Shelf works, your elf (which you name) then flies back and positions himself in a new place to be found by morning…every morning. Did you hear the long pause there? Eeeevvveerrryyyy morning. Oh and if a person ever touches your elf, he or she loses their magic. Don’t touch the elf! Our elf, Frisbee, has become a wonderful tool to help promote good behavior. The only down side… our elf is kinda’ ornry! Here are some of the places we found Frisbee this month.

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