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Home Sweet Home

They say time flies when you are having fun! I can’t believe how fast this summer has been going. Today I complete my sixth week interning at Beck’s, and I only have seven weeks left. Almost half way done…yikes! Before I know it I will be hitting the library and books for one last semester in Bloomington.

As I reflect back on the past few weeks, I realize how comfortable I’ve become here at Beck’s. Atlanta is starting to feel more and more like home, and I can honestly say it’s because of the people I work with.

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Intern Avenue

The Power of Asking Questions

At the end of the semester, my professor sent out a summer reading list of books that he believes that every young professional needs to read. Now I know what you are thinking…it sounds horrible right? Who wants to read a bunch of nonfiction business books over summer vacation? Trust me, I would much rather be catching up by Nicholas Sparks, or curdled up at the lake with People magazine. But, as I have finished a few of the books, I have found them all to be insightful and relatable, especially during my internship at Beck’s.

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Intern Avenue

Fifteen Minutes with Sonny Beck

Like any other intern, I started my onboarding week with a goal to please. I sat through session after session, listened to every presenter that walked through the door, and tried my hardest to impress whomever I came in contact with. For me, an internship at Beck’s Hybrids was like a golden door to success. Great company. Great atmosphere. And most importantly, a great resume builder.

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