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Looking Past The Numbers

What We Measure Tends To Improve

Author: Doug Clouser

“What we measure tends to improve.” Francis Beck regarded that quote as one of his favorites.

I am not sure who originally said this, or if this is even the original way in which it was stated. But what I have learned over my career here at Beck’s, and especially the last year or two, is that this is definitely a sentiment that I believe in.

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Looking Past the Numbers

Look Who's Turning 40

Author: Doug Clouser

I know nobody is going to believe it, but I just recently turned 40. You are probably thinking, surely he is way older than 40, isn’t he? But my wife decorated my office with the normal black balloons and other paraphernalia that is supposed to make you feel old, so I am sure it was my 40th. Although it didn’t work as I feel much younger physically than I did 10 years ago when I turned 30. I mentioned in an earlier blog how I had lost some weight recently, and I am much more active than I was a year or two ago, so physically I feel much younger on my 40th birthday than I have on my last several birthdays.

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Looking Past The Numbers

Nutty Corn Pest

Author: Doug Clouser

I am sure many of you are a bit stir crazy as am I from all of the very wintery days we have had this year. I know there are many out there that will tell me I am wrong, but this has to be the most snow and cold we have had in a winter in many years, if not decades.

With all of the winter we have been having, I have tried to pull my thoughts toward spring. The product team has been working on our new products for next year already and that has been a great opportunity to be thinking about a warmer time.

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Family and Farming

Christmas Memories and Family Meals

Well it’s that time. The time between Christmas and New Year’s where I’m back at work, but still thinking about the wonderful times spent with family, afternoon naps I was able to squeeze in, and all the great food I ate last week for Christmas. And just maybe regretting having that extra piece of cake… (In my defense, it was my birthday cake, AND it was the last piece, I couldn’t let it go to waste…right?)

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