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CropTalk: Let's Hear it for the Escalate®

September 2022

While most growers don’t have seed treatment top of mind in September, here at Beck’s, we certainly do. Our teams will soon begin the processing efforts that will continue for the next six months, working diligently to clean, treat, and package corn and soybean seed for the next planting season. We wanted to inform you of some exciting changes we’ve made to our Escalate® with Nemasect® corn seed treatment and offer a few important reminders regarding our soybean, wheat, and Great Harvest Organics seed treatment packages.

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CropTalk: 2021 Escalate® Seed Treatment Update

October 2020

Author: Pat Holloway

Each year, Beck’s plants a plethora of plots to evaluate individual seed treatment components and combinations available in the industry to ensure our offering is the best available. For 2021, both corn and soybean seed treatments are changing to improve our Escalate® yield enhancement system further. In corn, the seed treatment will receive an additional broad-spectrum fungicide. In soybeans, there will be a more robust seed treatment included at no additional charge. There will also be a premium seed treatment that can be added where the disease and pest pressure warrant additional protection.

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CropTalk: Choices in Soybean Seed Treatments

October 2019

Author: Pat Holloway

Over the past couple of decades, the ag industry has increased its focus on seed treatment research and development. This, coupled with the more challenging environment soybean seed is planted into as farmers plant earlier and more rapidly, has led to seed treatment being included on most soybean seed planted today.

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CropTalk: When it Comes to Soybean Threats, the Best Defense is a Good Offense

September 2019

Author: Maggie Holt

Primary methods of controlling soybean threats in fi elds used to be fairly straight forward. Start with the most resistant variety available, and then apply your fungicides and insecticides in a timely manner. Rotating with corn or other non-host crops was always an added management practice many farmers considered. However, there is a trifecta of threats to soybean crops that are increasing in severity and causing drastic economic losses in fields throughout the Midwest.

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PFR Report

Fight Your Feelings: Don't Let Emotions Control Your Crop Input Decisions

Author: Jim Schwartz

Emotions play a huge role in our lives and drive everything we do. They can impact our moods and drive our decision making. Our emotions can cause us to buy certain brands and leave others. That’s just the way it works.

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The Results Are In: Seed Treatments Pay

Harvest is wrapped up at Beck’s Kentucky Practical Research (PFR)® site and this season had its fair share of challenges. Many of you experienced these same challenges, from cool, wet conditions early on to a very hot and dry June and an abundance of rain throughout July. What makes Beck’s PFR program so unique is that we test multiple products and management practices not just at one site, but across five other sites throughout our marketing area as well.  

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