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Precision Farming: Harvest Yield Reports in FARMserver

Harvest time is a busy time, but FARMserver® is here to help keep you stay on top of your data game! Beck’s just recently announced a new feature to FARMserver that will be available for the 2019 harvest season; automated yield reports.

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Precision Farming: New Seed Selection Tool Now Available in FARMserver

The new and improved Seed Selection Tool in FARMserver® is one more way that Beck’s continues to help farmers succeed. Relaunched just in time for the 2020 seed purchasing season, this upgraded tool now comes with several new features for all operations, whether they have data uploaded or not.

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Precision Farming: Soil Test Pro Now Integrated with FARMserver

Author: Craig Rogers

Since the inception of FARMserver®, one feature has been requested more than any other… the ability to import soil test information into FARMserver.

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Precision Farming: ROI Calculator Now Available in FARMserver

Author: Craig Rogers

We are excited to announce the release of another valuable update to FARMserver®, our precision farming software. The Return on Investment “ROI” Calculator, users can now view average profit or loss per acre on their operation based on Purdue University’s Crop Cost and Return Guide. Market Prices for both corn and soybeans are automatically updated every 15 minutes to match the Chicago Board of Trade prices.

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Beck’s UAV Program Continues to Bring Value to Customers

Author: Craig Rogers

Drones have evolved to become more capable of complex jobs but now at a lower price than ever before. Beck’s has developed partnerships with multiple companies that can both supply hardware like DJI, but also supply programing with Drone deploy. Offering drones and drone training is just another way Beck's helps farmers succeed.

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Precision Farming

Crop Health Imaging™ | Valuable Tool For Assessing Field Conditions

Author: Craig Rogers

For a large part of the Midwest, the 2017 planting season has been one for the record books. Unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons. When we drive from area to area, we are seeing corn plants in a wide array of stages. Uneven stands and multiple planting dates can wreak havoc on deciding when to apply a fungicide. If you have been following Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)®, we are seeing a positive ROI when we have applied fungicide at the VT growth stage. Over the last four years, we have seen a 9.4 Bu./A. advantage applying Headline AMP® at the right time, making this one of our PFR Proven™ products. Now the question to ask yourself is, how can I apply fungicide at the correct time with all the replant and unevenness in my fields?

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