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PFR Report: The Benefits of Soil Sampling

Author: Jim Schwartz

As hard as it was, a challenging year like 2019 can still yield applicable insights. The important thing to do is carefully weigh all the factors that can impact your results and examine the data in light of those factors. This past spring, I asked an intern to work a plot and as he began to work the ground I found myself thinking “that may be the worst decision I have made in my 35-year ag career”. 

This season will also impact how we think about future decisions as it relates to soil tests and soil testing. I asked my friend Jamie Bultemeier, an agronomist with A&L Great Lakes Laboratories, to share his thoughts on the impact of 2019.

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PFR Report

Counting Macros

Author: Jim Schwartz

No, this isn’t an article about healthy food choices to lower your cholesterol, control high blood pressure, or to set a calorie goal.

However, feeding a crop and managing its diet is just as important as feeding our own families and making sure they are healthy. Just because my corn looks fine, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has everything it needs to grow strong and healthy. So, how does soil fertility play into the health and well-being of the crops we grow?

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