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CropTalk: Let's Hear it for the Escalate®

September 2022

While most growers don’t have seed treatment top of mind in September, here at Beck’s, we certainly do. Our teams will soon begin the processing efforts that will continue for the next six months, working diligently to clean, treat, and package corn and soybean seed for the next planting season. We wanted to inform you of some exciting changes we’ve made to our Escalate® with Nemasect® corn seed treatment and offer a few important reminders regarding our soybean, wheat, and Great Harvest Organics seed treatment packages.

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CropTalk: Don't Let Your Organic Seed Go Naked

June 2021

Faster, more uniform emergence. Early-season disease and insect protection. Higher yields.

The benefits of seed treatment on corn and soybeans are well known and widely accepted in conventional farming situations.

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