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Christmas on the Farm

Published on Wednesday, December 18, 2013

As a little girl, Christmas mornings didn’t consist of pink clothes, Barbie dolls, and makeup. There were toy tractors, model horses, plastic hay bales, barns, and even fences. I mean, you can’t have a horse barn without fencing, right? But I didn’t just ask Santa for farm toys; I asked for real animals.

I started riding Morgan horses when I was four years old and showing when I was nine. I lived, breathed and dreamt about horses. I asked for saddles, stirrups, show clothes, hats, boots, gloves, and riding pants. You name it, I asked for it.

And yes, I was that farm kid who asked Santa for a horse.

Every year.

And my parents, well, they asked Santa for a money tree.

But on December 23, 1996, Santa came a little early. I can remember walking into the horse barn at Janet Keesling Stable to find a horse stall covered in wrapping paper. Instantly, I knew that the horse within the stall was mine. I couldn’t stop the tears. In fact, I was in such shock, I almost didn’t want to open the stall door. 


Surrounded by family and friends, my Christmas wish of eight years had become a reality. And at the age of 12, I became the owner of a black Morgan gelding named CFP The Dreammaker, or better known as Shadow.


For me, Christmas of 96 is one I’ll always remember. Although there have been plenty of other memorable moments.

Like last year when my mom made us dress up as pirates and go on a treasure hunt. Or how about the year she wrapped almost 50 different happy meal toys. Yeah. My mom has a wicked sense of humor.

So do you have a Christmas memory that stands out? Did you get a horse for Christmas, unwrap hundreds of happy meal toys, or dress up as a pirate? Or did you get one of these…


Either way, we’d love to hear your Christmas story. Share your story and favorite Christmas photo on the Why I Farm Facebook page. So what are you waiting for? Click here to head on over to the Why I Farm Facebook page.

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