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Published on Monday, April 17, 2017

The first step in maximizing yield potential is to establish a uniform, fast growing, and vigorous stand of corn with a strong nodal root system free from disease and/or insect pressure. The second is to jump start the growth of your crop. While stand establishment and early growth are key to high yields, they have become more difficult for farmers to achieve as we continue to plant earlier into cooler soils, especially in no-till fields.

Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® team, acknowledging the importance of maximizing emergence and plant health, set out to evaluate two different seed box additive treatments to determine their ability to increase yield and profitability. Both products, Amplify-D® (a seed germination aid) and MycoGold™ (a biological inoculant to increase root growth) were designed to get corn plants off to a great start.

Conklin, the makers of Amplify-D, claim that their germination aid enhances the supply of adenosine monophosphate (AMP), which is found naturally in the seed and is utilized to fuel growth. This, in turn, equips the seed to better overcome stressful conditions. By providing the seed with additional AMP and fertilizer, the seedling vigor is enhanced and the overall emergence is improved. In addition, the plant is able to get off to a quicker, more uniform start. This translates into better yields and higher profits. In 2016, Amplify-D resulted in an 8.5 Bu./A. increase in yield and a $30.44 return on investment (ROI) increase at Beck’s PFR site in Central Illinois.

Similarly, MycoGold Corn Blend is a biological seed box additive that contains both bacteria and fungi that work with the plant to promote a larger, more efficient root growth and development. By stimulating the root system, this biological ensures that the corn plant has efficient water and nutrient uptake as well as drought stress tolerance. In 2016, MycoGold Corn Blend resulted in a 3.2 Bu./A. yield increase and a $6.35 increase in ROI at Beck’s Central Illinois PFR site.

Not only do both of these products contain a flowability agent for improved seed flow and lubrication, but by contributing extra fertilizer early on, they ensure that corn plants received all the necessary nutrients to start the season off healthy and strong.  And, by increasing the root mass early on, the plants have the opportunity to maximize their access to the nutrients in the soil and aid in late-season stress.

While both products have seen some success through Beck’s PFR testing, Amplify-D was given the PFR Proven™ stamp in 2016 for having consistently providing yield gains and a positive ROI for a minimum of three years. With a four-year, multi-Location ROI average of over $13.56/A., this is a product that farmers should consider testing on their own farms.

To see the regional results of this study, click the links below.

Beck’s PFR will continue to evaluate new seed box additive products to determine the benefits they can offer farmers.

Amplify-D® is a registered trademark of Conklin Company, Inc. MycoGold™ Corn Blend is a trademark of MycoGold.

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