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Published on Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Much of the Midwest has experienced an extremely mild winter this year. While that is great for early planting preparations, mild winters also mean that there is an increased opportunity for soil-borne insects to thrive. One proactive solution to combat these pesky pests is the use of an in-furrow insecticide.

There are hundreds of crop performance inputs available that can make you money in today’s market environment and the number of unconventional management products such as biologicals, biostimulants and soil amendments that can provide positive returns on investment (ROI). Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® team continues to evaluate these products in an effort to provide unbiased data that can help you turn your purchase into profit.

Beck’s PFR has been testing in-furrow fungicide and insecticide products for multiple years and across multiple locations to identify the inputs that will consistently provide farmers increased ROI’s over time.

You can read about some of these products here and here.

Another product that PFR started testing in 2016 was Capture® VGR™ from FMC Corporation. Capture VGR is a combination product consisting of the insecticide Capture LFR® and a VGR (biological) soil amendment. With the insecticide protection for Capture LFR to reduce insect feeding and the VGR component to promote a larger root system, increased water use efficiency and improved nitrogen uptake, this product proved promising from the start. The VGR product is Bacillus liceniformis which is a biological soil amendment that FMC promotes to increase both root and shoot growth.

In this multi-location study, Capture VGR was applied at a rate that is effective on secondary pests such as black cutworm. The two products are designed to be mixed with a starter and applied directly in-furrow. At three PFR locations in 2016, the combination of Capture LFR plus the VGR product increased yields by 4.5 Bu./A. with a $7.44/A. ROI.

These results are extremely encouraging and with all the work that is being done with biological seed treatments and in-furrow products, Beck’s PFR is excited to continue testing this product in 2017 to determine if it can consistently increase plant heath, yield and profitability.

To see the regional results of this study, click on the links below.

 Capture®, LFR® and VGR™ are trademarks of FMC Corporation.


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