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CropTalk: FARMserver® in the Fall: What do you do now?

November 2022

Published on Tuesday, November 1, 2022

You’ve worked hard all year long to track what you planted, where you planted it, what you applied, where you applied it, and finally, what you harvested. That is a lot of work to let go to waste. Not having a place to store and analyze your data or giving your data to someone else and have to wait for the results to come back can be quite frustrating after the countless hours and effort you have put into your operation all season long.

If you are in either one of these two camps (not having a place to store and analyze it, or you have to give it to someone else and wait for the results) we have GREAT news for you. FARMserver® is offered at no cost to all Beck’s customers. If you are already using FARMserver as your precision platform, we hope this article will show you a few ways to use FARMserver in a way you might not be using it today.

One of the biggest benefits of using FARMserver to store, display and analyze your data is the ease of getting it into the platform. We directly integrate with companies like FieldView, MyJohnDeere, and others to automatically pull your data. If you don’t have those services, we can read directly from the card or stick you pull from your tractor or combine monitor. All models of monitors no matter the color, can read into our platform.

So, you have your data, you’ve gotten it into FARMserver… NOW WHAT?

Precision Ag is not supposed to cost you money, it’s intended to make you money and justify your business decisions. We have all seen yield maps, but the power really begins when you start to look at variables that affect yield. FARMserver has a Reports section that will automatically analyze your data and break it down into categories such as Yield by Variety, Yield by Soil Type, Yield by Variety by Soil Type, Yield by Application, Yield by Management Zone and Test Block. We also have a query tool that will allow you to trace any spot on your field and break out the yield in that specific area based on the variables in that area.

Where we believe FARMserver holds the most significant value for our customers is the ROI section that is directly tied into every yield map on your operation. In our ROI section, you can put your input costs into a dollar per acre figure for each individual field. In turn, FARMserver will do the calculations in the background based on input costs, bushels, and dollar per bushel grain price to determine a few very important things: profit per acre across your entire operation, profit per acre in each field, AND profit per acre in each area on your yield map!

Below are examples of what our ROI layer could look like on a yield map. One will show you strictly the profit and loss in areas of the field and the other shows that same map with a soil type overlay for reference. Having data and visuals like this help to justify costs like tile, multi-hybrid planters, variable rate seed/ fertilizer, and more. By seeing these maps, you can start to judge the cost of the technology you want to invest in, how much it needs to raise your yield by, and how long it would take to pay off that technology.


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Author: Zach Christianson

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