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Myth Busters - The Only Leftovers We Like Are From Dinner

Published on Thursday, March 24, 2016

I hope you have learned through our Research Series videos and Myth Busters blogs that Beck’s prides itself in offering diversity and choices in our product lineup. This diversity comes from selecting regional products that fit specifically what our customers need in their farming operation, as well as selecting genetics and traits from industry suppliers in addition to our own corn breeding program. 

Hi, I’m Doug Clouser. I’d like to welcome you back to our Beck’s Research: Myth Busters blog series. Because we offer genetics and traits from some of our competitors, we sometimes hear rumors Beck’s only gets the “floor sweepings” and leftover products that they didn’t want anyway. But this simply is not true. Let me explain why.



MYTH: “Beck’s only gets the “leftovers” from other companies.”

BUSTED: As Beck’s product lead, I have actually started to view this myth as a compliment. It lets me know that we are doing our job of bringing products to our customers that provide value on the local level, and consistently perform in the environments we selected them for. If we didn’t have products of value that competed well, people wouldn’t spend so much time talking about them.

Over the years, we have developed relationships with every major supplier in the industry as a way to offer our customers choices. Some of these suppliers are our competitors, others are not. Regardless of competition, the companies we work with have no incentive to give us access to material that doesn’t perform. We have set a high standard when selecting genetics and traits, so if something doesn’t work, we simply won’t offer it. 

Some believe the myth that we only get the “leftovers” because we may not offer a certain well-known product that is on a competitor’s lineup. To explain our reasoning for this, let me provide a little more background on how products make it into Beck’s lineup.

When we select products, we are looking for the superstars in a given geography, or under a specific set of circumstances. This differs from what many of our competitors are looking for. They are looking for a few products that work well on average across a large geography and in as many different circumstances as they can find.

At Beck’s, we have chosen a more regional approach. We do select a group of stable products that perform great across a two or three state area, but we also have products in our lineup that excel most in one state, region, or even a subset of soil types within a state. These products outperform the more national type of products in the given area they were selected for, thus the reason they are such favorites with our customers.


I explain about the advantage of regional product selection in this video from our Beck's Research Series.

With this approach, we don’t spend time focusing on “economy of scale”, “favorable cost of goods”, and “average” performance across a large area. Rather, we strive to bring our customers advantages like “best in my area”, “regionally selected”, and “tremendous stress performer.” We realize that regional is a mindset. A mindset to look for the right products in our customers’ back yards and continue to bring them to the table.

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