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PFR Proven Success Strategies on Soybeans

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Published on Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Beck’s has been developing PFR Proven™ endorsements to help you decide which products and practices you should try on your operation. We have identified the top PFR Proven strategies for success based on what we have learned from our PFR studies that can lead you to higher soybean yields.


Fungicide Timing

Beck’s PFR data shows that R3 fungicide application continues to be the most profitable application timing for soybeans and one of the most consistently promising PFR Proven™ practices. The R3 growth stage is when there is a 3/16 in. pod at one of the top four nodes on the soybean plant.



Planting Date

PFR multi-year data shows that planting soybeans early is a critical factor in driving higher yields. By doing so, you’re increasing the node count. Our research has shown that when planting is delayed, there isn’t a significant benefit to switching to planting earlier maturity soybeans.



Seed Treatments

Every year, our team updates Beck’s Escalate® yield enhancement system, ensuring that farmers receive the best formulation possible. After 11 years and 32 independent tests, it continues to show remarkable value. When used, seed treatments surround the seed in a protective chemistry and proactive biologicals that help get the crop off to a good start. Using a seed treatment plays a critical role in protecting crops from diseases and insects.



Row Width

Our PFR team found that narrower row spacings consistently provide a higher return on investment (ROI). Narrower row widths harvest more sunlight, especially when combined with earlier planting. This practice also helps shade the rows for improved weed control.



Seeding Rates and Earlier Planting

Our research indicated two things:

1. Those who seed soybeans in excess of 150,000 seeds/A. will most likely see a lower yield.

2. Choosing to replant a fairly uniform thin stand in the 80,000 to 100,000 seeds/A. range is usually unwarranted. Any seeding rate planted early out-yields every seeding rate planted later.


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