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CropTalk: Finding your FARMserver® Fit

May 2021

Published on Monday, May 10, 2021

At Beck’s, I’m surrounded by people who strive each day to serve you as your trusted advisor, no matter your operation's practices. In addition to our people, we offer many customer-facing programs designed to help you succeed. From product diversity within a relative maturity range to meet the needs of diversified regions, studying practices that range from no-till to conventional methods in Practical Farm Research (PFR)®, to Commitment Reward items ranging from patio furniture to grain carts, and FARMserver®, the precision ag platform designed to fit all farmers.

The features, interface compatibilities, and diversification that FARMserver offers is by design. It allows you to utilize the component or components of FARMserver that are best suited for your operation to increase your profitability, no matter your farm’s size, practices, technical comfortability, or location. For example, you may be looking for a platform that houses your planting data making it easier to compile records for acreage reporting; FARMserver can do that. You may be looking for a system that can assist you in tracking the growth stages of your crop to apply PFR Proven™ strategies at the right time; FARMserver can do that. You may just be looking for field-by-field weather data to help you decide what farm has the most favorable conditions to start spraying today. These are just a few of the many uses FARMserver offers.

What FARMserver feature is your local agronomist most excited about? That’s right, your local Beck’s Agronomist uses FARMserver too! Our teams are working with FARMserver to better serve you, integrating plot reports, improving our reach in the field through efficiencies, ultimately increasing the quality of your data. I recently polled some members of our agronomy team to find out what FARMserver tools and features most excite them from an “in-the-field” perspective, here is what I learned.

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Author: Nate Firle

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