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Published on Monday, February 15, 2016

What first comes to mind when you think of research? Most likely it’s people in white lab coats, Bunsen burners and test tubes. Special experiments are conducted and top secret results are generated, but we never really know or understand what research actually does.

To address many of the questions and myths about what our researchers at Beck’s actually do, we recently published Beck’s Research Series, a set of videos designed to take you on a journey through our research and development program.

Beck’s Research: Myth Busters
But even with these videos, some myths still remain. What are some of these myths? This new blog series will address some of the common misunderstandings regarding our research department. And who better to bust these myths than the researchers themselves.

Hi, I'm Curtis Wiltse, the research manager here at Beck's. Over the next several weeks, my team members and I will be sharing the true facts about Beck's research department. First up, let's take a look at the department as a whole.


MYTH: “Beck’s is not a research and development company. They are only a distributor of genetics and products.”

BUSTED: Beck’s is both a research and development company, as well as a distributor of genetics and products. Our primary objective at Beck’s is, and always will be, to work hard to make our farmer customers successful. As a research team, our contribution to making that objective a reality is by working hard to offer a wide number of high-performance genetics and trait choices. We do work with multiple genetics and trait suppliers, including Beck’s own proprietary corn breeding program, to develop and/or identify the best, regionally-adapted seed and trait products to build our retail lineup.

For many years, Beck’s has operated a proprietary corn breeding effort. In the past several years, we have dramatically increased our investment in building a regionally-focused, well-equipped research and development team. Those investments include adding additional highly-talented corn breeders, an additional breeding center in Iowa, a molecular marker lab, more greenhouse space to accommodate the additional trait conversion effort, a tissue culture lab, broadening our access to elite germplasm from around the globe, expanding our testing efforts, and expanding our use of dihaploid technology. I will stop there, but there is more to come in the not-so-distant future.

I explain more about our dihaploid process in this video from our Beck's Research Series.


Whether it is corn, soybeans or wheat, we are committed to bringing our customers the highest performing, regionally-adapted genetics and traits available in the marketplace. If they are developed in-house or accessed through a licensing or distribution agreement is largely irrelevant to us. We happily put aside pride, competition, supplier pricing and contracts to do one simple thing – take care of our customers.


I hope this has helped bust the myth about our Beck's research program. Next week, Beck's research director, Dr. Kevin Cavanaugh addresses a myth about our access to choices. Stay tuned!

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