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We are Beck’s: Easter Reflections by Jim Herr

Published on Friday, March 23, 2018

Our Beck’s team is blessed beyond measure and we are great as a group at recognizing these blessings and witnessing to others. We witness to teammates about accomplishments, we witness to prospective employees about how great it is to be on this team, we witness to farmers about how we are and can be a part of their success, and we witness in our communities through personal interactions with family and friends as well as across social media platforms. We easily recognize the ‘gift’ God has provided in a workplace such as Beck’s Hybrids and we are quick to share our recognition of this blessing via many interactions and testimonials.

But, how effective are we at witnessing the GREATEST GIFT? I know many times I can look back upon my interactions with others and find opportunities I have missed as I recap conversations. Opportunities to give all the Glory to God. I try, but we are so busy it gets difficult to ‘fit God into the conversation’. Thankfully, there are a couple times of year many of us are prompted to be more deliberate in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ our Savior.  We see it, sing it, feel it, and even gift it during Advent and Christmas. We also recognize the miracle of His birth and that wonderful night in Bethlehem. The other time is Easter. What a blessing Easter is to all of humankind! God’s only son made the ultimate sacrifice for our Salvation and provided us with the gift of Grace and eternal life. We need only be faithful and believe in Him to receive this magnificent and awesome blessing!

Jesus planted a crop with His life and Christians are the bountiful harvest that continues to grow. 

Easter is a great celebration of Jesus conquering death and showing us the way to eternal life. We all experience a time of renewal during this great victory by our Lord. It is only fitting for many of us in agriculture to feel the power of the upcoming Spring and all the hopefulness of the new crop we are setting forth. Jesus planted a crop with His life and Christians are the bountiful harvest that continues to grow. Along with our growth, we are also responsible in spreading His good news through our efforts to witness to believers and newcomers to Christ. This Spring, I challenge myself along with you to consider how we can plant not only our crops, but something much greater and much more rewarding. We can work to plant Christ on the hearts of all people we meet. This planting can be done in a multitude of fashions. We can simply behave as good Christians and through our actions - provide an example of how Christ lives in us. We can go as far as to Praise God verbally as we go about our days. For example, instead of saying ‘we are lucky’, try saying ‘we are BLESSED’. We can invite others to worship with us at Church, to visit a Bible study, or to simply pray with us.

The Gift of Easter brings many blessings and thoughts of hope. I am hopeful that as we go through this wonderful time of year we continue to look for ways to recognize the great gift that is Jesus Christ and to consider ways we can share that gift with as many folks as we can possibly touch. Christ came to this world to set a new covenant with God’s people and to save us from our fallen nature. Our Faith in Christ and the gift of God’s Grace deserves to be shared and I look forward to us sharing this awesome gift well past the date of Easter and in every single day of our lives.

In Him,

Jim Herr

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