Beck's is an industry leader in providing farmers with the soybean technologies they need to combat hard-to-control and glyphosate resistant weeds. With relative maturities ranging from 0.7 to 5.2, Beck's offers LibertyLink soybean choices that have proven to maximize weed control and increase yields.

The Beck's LibertyLink® Advantage: +1.5 Bu./A. yield advantage vs. Credenz®, Pioneer, and Stine LibertyLink soybeans** in 1,683 head to head comparisons. *Includes farmer plots, Beck's research, and third-party data.


Product RM
074L4 0.7
104L4 1
232L4 2.3
264L4 2.6
296L4 2.9
338L4 3.3
366L4 3.6
394L4 3.9
424L4 4.2
434L4 4.3
474L4 4.7
494L4 4.9
522L4 5.2


The most complete seed treatment. At no additional cost.

NemasectTM is a new ingredient in Beck's proprietary seed treatment, Escalate®. Standard on all corn and soybean products at no additional charge, Escalate powered by Nemasect provides disease, insect and nematode protection, as well as improved stands and higher yields.




The Liberty® Weed Control Guarantee
Liberty® herbicide is simply better weed control. When you buy Liberty herbicide and apply it according to label instructions and S.T.O.P. guidelines, we guarantee it will meet commercially acceptable control. If commercially acceptable control isn’t met, talk to your retailer or Bayer representative to ensure your satisfaction.  Click for more information on the Liberty® Weed Control Guarantee

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*2018 LibertyLink® System Brochure.