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Agronomy Update: Black Cutworm Pressure

Author: Austin Scott

Take a walk with Field Agronomist and Herbicide Specialist, Austin Scott, through a Tennessee corn field and learn more about increased black cutworm pressure.

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Agronomy Update

What to Scout for in May

Author: David Hughes

May can be a busy month. Most of us are planting soybeans, post-spraying corn, spraying burndown ahead of beans, and/or checking on maturing wheat. We have a lot happening all at the same time.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share some of the things I keep an eye on and field scout for during this busy month. My intent with this article is not to give you a “how-to” for each of these, but rather to let you know what you should be looking for and thinking about from a crop diagnostic perspective.

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Agronomy Update

Corn and Soybean Tissue Testing

Author: Alex Johnson

Tissue testing is one of the best tools in our agronomy toolbox as farmers. It is useful for progressive farmers who want to evaluate nutrient uptake in their crop or diagnose problem areas. Tissue testing can also help you determine if your crops are getting the secondary and micronutrients they need! So why is tissue testing important? If you find a nutrient deficiency in the plants, there is still time for foliar application to increase the yield of this year’s crop, or at least adjust your nutrient program for next year. In paying attention to the small details, you can push your yield barrier higher.

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