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Agronomy Talk: Delayed Planting Reminders - Stick With Your Plan!

Author: Jim Schwartz

Some areas of our marketing footprint have started planting and are slowly progressing while others have not yet started field operations. Here is some information to review as many of you may have questions regarding delayed planting and switching hybrids.

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Agronomy Update

Hurry Up and Wait

Author: Mark Apelt

Many areas of Ohio turned dry towards the end of April and farmers were able to get their corn and soybeans into the ground at a good pace. In fact, the USDA projected that 42 percent of all corn and 14 percent of soybeans had been planted by April 30, 2017. Then…everything came to a screeching halt as frequent rainstorms have resulted in several inches of rain covering most of the state. 

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Agronomy Update

Spring Ammonia Applications and Corn Planting Concerns

Author: Denny Cobb

Last fall was not very conducive for applying ammonia (NH3), which brings us to our current situation concerning spring applications. Couple that with wet soils, cooler daytime temperatures this week, and the need to begin corn planting, there are areas of concern! Here are my recommendations regarding spring applications of NH3.

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